About Grant Kaye Photography

I was born two months early on the rural Hawaiian island of Lana`i. During my first few years, I grew healthy on poi and poke and smelled like fixer from toddling after my Dad in his darkroom. My family eventually moved from Lana`i, and I was raised travelling back and forth between Hawai`i, California, and Pennsylvania. Pursuit of academic degrees and a career in geology and volcanic hazards management took me from Colorado to Oregon to Hawai`i, and eventually to New Zealand where I earned a PhD in 2008.

I moved on from being a scientist New Zealand to return to Lake Tahoe, where I worked for the Town of Truckee doing Geographic Information Systems (GIS) mapping until the end of 2012.

Photography was something that I was growing obsessed with in my spare time at night and on weekends, and eventually I gave in to the obsession and decided that creating imagery and teaching others would be all that I would do.

As a photographer, I specialize in landscape and night-sky photography, motion-controlled timelapse, and creative dSLR filmmaking. I also hold private and group workshops and classes, as I love to teach other people how to acheive their creative photographic vision. I joined the Mountain Workshops in Kentucky as their timelapse coach in 2013, and I will be teaching photography classes at Sierra College and Martis Camp in Truckee in 2014.

I'm happiest making photographs where the division between technology and art is blurred - making images where I can push the limits of what my gear is capable of and create something that evokes the emotional connection everyone has with nature, especially when they don't realize it.

I'll go anywhere and do whatever it takes to create comeplling, unusual, emotionally evocative imagery.

My images and timelapses have been featured in local Tahoe publications Tahoe World, Sierra Sun, Moonshine Ink, Nevada Magazine, Squaw Magazine, Tahoe TV, Tahoe Quarterly as well as national magazines and websites Mountain Magazine, Squaw Magazine, Skiing Magazine, Mana Magazine, and Hawai`i Magazine. I am proud to list Squaw Valley, Red Bull, MSNBC, Yahoo, Skiing Interactive, Friends of Black Rock, Arcade Apparel, Points North Heli Adventures, Friends of Lana`i, Sierra Watch, the Shane McConkey Foundation, Truckee Tahoe Lumber, and Teton Gravity Research among my clients.

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Photo of Grant in the Black Rock Desert by G. Brad Lewis (http://volcanoman.com)